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Pierre Lecque

Founder / CEO /

President / Dancer / Choreographer / DJ /Motivational Speaker

Pierre Lecque AKA Mr. Lecque is not only one of the Founders of Born II Dance. He is also a Dancer, Choreographer, DJ, and a Motivational Speaker. So besides running the company, he also works for the company. You probably have heard of him and if you haven't you will very soon. Also a member of the United States Navy Reserves. Pierre can also be found on his webpage: and his YouTube Channel: Mr. Lecque. Also on other Social Media Sites @mrlecque. He's a Jack of all trades and loves working with people and entertaining.


John Spann AKA Speezy is one of the founders of Born II Dance. He is the Vice President, a Dancer and a Choreographer. Sometimes called Pierre's right hand man, John is known as one of the back bones of Born II Dance. Mostly known for his dancing, he is a government contractor and is very reliable. John can be seen a lot with Pierre teaching dance to summer camps and also Praise Dancing. Speezy is a fun and entertaining dancer. A dancer you would love to have at your event.


John Spann

Founder / Vice President / Dancer / Choreographer


Chris Profit is the main photographer of the BIID Family and one of the DJs. He does great work and it really shows in his art and pictures. Also working in Law Enforcement, Chris has a an eye for things. If you haven't seen his work, go to the photography page, his DJ Page . Another great addition to the company and a great addition to any party you want to have. Its always great to have memories of your event and he can provide that for you.

Chris Profit
Photographer / DJ

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